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Manfred Berg: Lynchjustiz in den USA (Hamburg: Hamburger Edition, 2014)


Detlef Junker: Schlaglichter auf die USA im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert. 30 Rezensionen in der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung (Heidelberg: HCA, 2013)

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Soheyl Ghaemian Travel Fund for Scholars

As part of its commitment to promote arts and sciences in Heidelberg, the Ghaemian Foundation has established the Soheyl Ghaemian Travel Fund for Scholars. Soheyl Ghaemian is the CEO of the Heidelberg-based REUTAX AG, a burgeoning corporation in the IT sector. The Fund is meant to facilitate research and scholarly exchange in the field of American Studies by providing grants for travel to a library, archive or academic conference. Especially in the humanities, and in particular for graduate students and younger scholars, the challenge to procure funds for research-related travel is ever recurrent and often insurmountable. The Soheyl Ghaemian Travel Fund for Scholars helps alleviate this condition by assisting scholars with the expense of travel. The Fund is able to make annual allocations up to a total amount of 10,000 EUR. It is administered by the Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA). Grants are awarded in a speedy and unbureaucratic manner.


Grants from the Soheyl Ghaemian Travel Fund for Scholars are awarded by the HCA on a competitive basis. Eligibility is limited to graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and postdoctoral scholars at the University of Heidelberg who work on topics related to the United States, Canada, and/or transatlantic relations.


The Heidelberg Center for American Studies welcomes applications year-round.

For research trips to archives and libraries, applications must include (electronic version):

  • a curriculum vita
  • a project description (not to exceed 3 pages)
  • a one-page bibliography of the most recent, relevant secondary works on the topic
  • a list of resources to be consulted
  • a letter of support from the academic supervisor
  • an estimated budget

Applications for grants to assist with the expense of travel to academic conferences must include (electronic version):

  • a curriculum vita
  • title and abstract of your presentation at the conference (not to exceed 250 words) as well as an indication that your proposal has been accepted by the conveners
  • a letter of support from the academic supervisor
  • an estimated budget


For further information, please contact Dr. Tobias Endler:, Tel. 06221-543878.

Send your applications to

Heidelberg Center for American Studies
Ghaemian Travel Fund
Hauptstr. 120
D-69117 Heidelberg

Projects sponsored

  • Bahaa AlDahoudi
  • Debarchana Baruah
  • Andreas Bauer
  • Yuyun Chen
  • Raluca Cimpean
  • Michael Drescher
  • Jana Dorband
  • Raymond Eberling
  • Hilka Eckardt
  • Tobias Endler
  • Dusan Fischer
  • Gordon Friedrichs
  • Melanie Gish
  • Teresa Heinke
  • Jens Hofmann
  • Mischa Honeck
  • Heike Jablonski
  • Ali Jafari
  • Eva-Maria Kiefer
  • Lisette van Leemput
  • Julia Lichtenstein
  • Sophie Lorenz
  • Elena Matveeva
  • Christian Maul
  • Mohamed Metawe
  • Anja Milde
  • Gemma Ngoc Dao
  • Amy Parish
  • Maarten Paulusse
  • Michael Pleyer
  • Ferdinand Sacksofsky
  • Anthony Santoro
  • Styles Sass
  • Christian Schneider
  • Marleen Schulte
  • Erhan Simsek
  • Cristina Stanca-Mustea
  • Johannes Steffens
  • Bryce Taylor
  • Michael Taylor
  • Alexander Vazansky
  • Tim Warneke
  • Rebekka Weinel
  • Simon Wendt
  • Xenia Wirth


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