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MAS Newsletter 2/2016:
The American Dream Lives Large at the HCA

This edition features the HCA’s commencement celebration for the B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. classes of 2016. Current MAS student Jessica Hagen writes about her life alongside the MAS. Ana Maric-Curry (MAS Class of 2011) shares how her academic and personal life have evolved after the MAS. Finally, Zachary Holler, a current MAS student, reports about the first student conference at the HCA, where he participated in the panel discussion about the American Dream in the 21st century.

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MAS Online Application: Instructions & Template

The application period for the MAS program beginning in the fall semester 2017 has begun on October 1, 2016. Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2017.

During the application period, you need to register in order to get access to our online application form

After registering, you can fill out the application form and upload the required documents (detailed information on the requirements and the application process is available on our "Admission" page).

Before you start the actual online application process (or at any time outside of the application period), we recommend that you prepare your application and get an overview of the information you need to provide by using our application template:

  1. Please download the “MAS Online Application” template (available as .pdf and .docx Word files).
  2. Please fill out this form completely and carefully. Be sure not to exceed the indicated word limit, otherwise the application will automatically cut off any remaining text. Please do not send us the pdf/word document via email; it is only a template to prepare for the online application.
  3. Please prepare the following documents as a .jpg or .pdf file:
    1. A two-page cv
    2. A copy of your English Proficiency Test (if applicable)
    3. A writing sample
    4. A copy of your previous degree(s)/diploma(s)
    5. All university transcripts (copies are acceptable; originals should be sent to us directly)
  4. Once the application period has started, you can copy the texts from the word or pdf document to the MAS online application form and upload the prepared documents.
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