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Dr. Tobias Endler

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Ph.D. & Research Coordinator

Heidelberg Center for American Studies
Curt und Heidemarie Engelhorn Palais
Hauptstraße 120
69117 Heidelberg

T: +49 (0)6221-54 38 78
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TOBIAS ENDLER is a Research Associate and Ph.D. & Research Coordinator at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies. He has worked on public intellectuals in present-day America, Enlightenment thinking, and issues of democracy. His current research focuses on U.S. foreign policy in the 21st century, and the future of transatlantic and transpacific relations. Tobias has published three books: After 9/11: Leading Political Thinkers about the World, the U.S. and Themselves (2011), a collection of interviews with leading political thinkers such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Noam Chomsky, Francis Fukuyama, and Anne-Marie Slaughter, How to Be a Superpower (2012), and Entzauberung: Skizzen und Ansichten zu den USA in der Ära Obama (2015, with Martin Thunert). He is the co-editor of Zeitenwende 9/11? Eine transatlantische Bilanz (2016; with Till Karmann, Martin Thunert, and Simon Wendt). Tobias regularly comments on US politics and transatlantic relations in the national media, and he writes for the online blog Carta.

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