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The University of Heidelberg is currently in the process of implementing a new application system (HeiCO). In case the application through this system does not work, we will continue to accept applications by (non-electronic) mail.

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Der Fachrat ist die fachbezogene Zusammenkunft von Studierenden, akademischen Mitarbeitern und Hochschulprofessoren eines Instituts der Universität.

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Studying abroad

While studying abroad is not a must for our M.A. students, you should still consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity to gain unforgettable experiences and important lessons for your studies and future career.

The options available to MAS students at HCA in this regard are as follows:

  • Students can apply for approximately 50 exchange opportunities at various American universities and colleges within Heidelberg University's bilateral exchange program with American universities. The scholarship benefits usually consist of a tuition waiver; in individual cases, partial or full scholarships as well as teaching assistantships are also available (more information and details on the application process can be found here).
  • The HCA has a direct cooperation with Georgia State University on the institutional level. The special features of this exchange are that the nominee not only receives a tuition waiver including all local fees (enrollment fees, etc.), but is also guaranteed a position as a "student assistant" (comparable to a research assistant). This position is endowed with 5,000 USD per academic year and therefore living expenses are also covered during this exchange. Please consult your MAS Coordinator for more details.
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