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American Studies in Heidelberg – What our students say...

“The HCA offers students a unique learning environment in addition to an extraordinary social experience.”

Kimberly Chadwick, MAS 2011

“The HCA provides excellent conditions for effective studies.”

Laura Schelenz, BAS 2013

"The MAS offers a unique opportunity to be taught by highly distinguished scholars in a multicultural environment with students from rich and different backgrounds."

Mahmoud Abdou, MAS 2012

“The MAS program offers a truly remarkable and exhilarating life experience; and a golden springboard for uplifting your future career.”

He Zhang, MAS 2011

“The interdisciplinary approach gave me a deeper appreciation for the complex interplay of diverse forces at work in the United States.”

Styles Sass, MAS 2011

"MAS is dedicated to expanding your academic and international horizons."

Scott Werner, MAS 2011

“You can't help but marvel at this beautiful institute in Germany's most ravishing city.”

Jan Bauer, BAS 2013

Heidelberg Impressions

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