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MAS Newsletter 2/2017: A New Research Program and Many New Faces

This edition features our Commencement 2017 and an introduction and welcome of our visiting scholar James Strasburg. We also report about the HCA’s newest research program, the Graduiertenkolleg “Authority and Trust in American Culture, Society, History and Politics,” which was approved late last year by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


American Studies

Der Fachrat ist die fachbezogene Zusammenkunft von Studierenden, akademischen Mitarbeitern und Hochschulprofessoren eines Instituts der Universität.

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Tuition Fee

Under state law, there are no tuition fees for citizens of the European Union enrolled in so-called consecutive M.A. programs of study at Heidelberg University.

For non-EU citizens, tuition is 1,500 EUR per semester, due prior to the beginning of each semester (July 15 / February 15).

Irrespective of any tuition, Heidelberg University currently charges the following administration fees: 70 EUR for general administration; 7.50 EUR for the constituted student body; a social service contribution of 49 EUR; and a contribution for the complementary financing of the regional transit pass (Semesterticket) of 25.80 EUR per semester. The total amount of 152.30 EUR is to be paid upon registration and with each re-registration.


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