Prof. Dr. Welf Werner Director / Professor of American Studies 06221/54-3880
Dr. Wilfried Mausbach Executive Director 06221/54-3712

Faculty and Staff

Prof. Dr. Manfred Berg Deputy Director / Curt Engelhorn Professor
of American History
Eléna Brandao Mecker Student Assistant 06221/54-3884
Lena Brasen Website Administration 06221/54-3884
Teddy Delwiche Research Associate / McDonald Post-Doctoral Fellow in American Church History 06221/54-3881
Jonas Faust, M.A. Research Associate 06221/54-3884
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gerhard Deputy Director / Professor for Human Geography of North America 06221/54-5542
Annabelle Hennemann Student Assistant E-Mail 06221/54-3884
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. em. Detlef Junker Founding Director / Distinguished Senior Professor 06221/54-3711
Christina Larenz Administration 06221/54-3710
Prof. Dr. Günter Leypoldt Professor of American Literature 06221/54-2816
PD Dr. Philipp Löffler Senior Lecturer American Literature /
MAS Coordinator
Michaela Neidig Administration 06221/54-3710
Dr. Benjamin Pietrenka Research Associate E-Mail 06221/54-3399
Dr. Natalie Rauscher Research Associate E-Mail 06221/54-3878
Susana Rocha Teixeira Research Associate 06221/54-3878
Dr. Anja Schüler Coordinator Forum / Public Relations 06221/54-3879
Prof. Dr. Jan Stievermann Professor of the History of Christianity
in the U.S.
PD Dr. Martin Thunert Senior Lecturer Political Science 06221/54-3877
Dr. Ryan Tobler Research Associate / American Religious History 06221/54-3399
Dipl.-Soz. Michael Tröger IT 06221/54-3882
Virginia Zentgraf, B.A. Spring Academy E-Mail 06221/54-3875
Maxine Wildenstein Student Assistant E-Mail 06221/54-3711




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