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Prof. Dr. Jan Stievermann

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Professor of the History of Christianity
in the U.S.

Heidelberg Center for American Studies
Curt und Heidemarie Engelhorn Palais
Hauptstraße 120
69117 Heidelberg

T: +49 (0)6221-54 38 81
F: +49 (0)6221-54 37 19

Joint Appointment with the Faculty of Theology
Director, Jonathan Edwards Center Germany 

JAN STIEVERMANN is Professor of the History of Christianity in the U.S. at Heidelberg University, and director of the Jonathan Edwards Center Germany. He has written books and essays on a broad range of topics in the fields of American religious history and American literature, including a comprehensive study of the theology and aesthetics of Ralph Waldo Emerson (Schoeningh, 2007) and Prophecy, Piety, and the Problem of Historicity: Interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures in Cotton Mather’s Biblia Americana (Mohr Siebeck, 2016). In the scholarly edition of the Biblia Americana manuscript, he is responsible for volumes 5 and 10 (the first came out in 2015, the other is scheduled for 2022), and serves as the executive editor of the whole project. Among other multi-authored volumes, he co-edited A Peculiar Mixture: German-Language Cultures and Identities in Eighteenth-Century North America (Pennsylvania State UP, 2013), Religion and the Marketplace in the United States (Oxford UP, 2014), the Oxford Handbook of Jonathan Edwards (2021) and The Handbook of American Romanticism (2021).

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