PD Dr. Martin Thunert

Thunert _1_

Senior Lecturer Political Science

Heidelberg Center for American Studies
Curt und Heidemarie Engelhorn Palais
Hauptstraße 120
69117 Heidelberg

T: +49 (0)6221-54 38 77
F: +49 (0)6221-54 37 19

MARTIN THUNERT joined the HCA as university lecturer and senior research fellow in political science in September 2007. He is a graduate of Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt, holds a doctoral degree (Dr. phil) from the University of Augsburg and received his habilitation in Political Science from the University of Hamburg, where he was an assistant professor. Martin Thunert was an exchange student at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and did graduate work at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont. and at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Martin Thunert has held appointments in political science and political management at the University of Hamburg, the University of Mannheim and at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Between 2002 and 2005 Thunert was Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Before coming to Heidelberg and the HCA, Martin Thunert worked as a senior research associate at the Center for North American Studies (ZENAF) at Goethe-University Frankfurt, where he is still an associated scholar.

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