Dr. Ryan Tobler

Tobler Portrait

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/US-amerikanische Religionsgeschichte

Theologisches Seminar Kirchengeschichte
Karlstr. 2 (Zi. 208)
69117 Heidelberg

T: +49 (0)6221-54 33 99

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RYAN TOBLER is a lecturer and historian at Universität Heidelberg with a dual appointment at the HCA and the Faculty of Theology. He specializes in American religious and cultural history and holds graduate degrees from the University of Chicago (MA) and Harvard University (MA, PhD). At the HCA he teaches a wide range of courses, including the Proseminar “Introduction to American Religious History.” His academic research currently revolves around two book projects: American Sacraments, a study of ritual and religion in the early United States (based on his Harvard dissertation); and Souls at Sea: Religion, Reform, and the American Sailor, a study of the nineteenth-century maritime reform movement.

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