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Job Openings and Internships

The HCA’s internship program, launched in 2005, is designed to enable international undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines to learn more about the work at a central university institute, to broaden their soft skills and, last but not least, get to know more about the United States

The HCA has been delighted to benefit from the contributions of a number of excellent interns, hailing primarily from the United States and Germany, who made valuable contributions to our work and, in their own words, enjoyed and profited from their time with us.


  • Internships at the HCA are offered throughout the year. Undergraduates and graduate students from all disciplines are welcome, but we especially seek students in American Literature, Art History, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Musicology, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, and Sociology.
  • Interns must be fluent in both spoken and written English; a working knowledge of German is preferred, but is only required in certain cases.
  • Interns should be open minded, outgoing, eager to learn new skills, ready team players and should be able to adapt themselves to a new work environment quickly.

Length of Internships

  • The type and length of the internship varies depending on the requirements of the department offering the position. The details will be discussed individually with applicants. Generally, internships will run up to three months. Interns can expect to spend eight hours/week during the term and up to twelve/week during the semester breaks at the HCA.
  • We also offer short-term internships which run for two weeks and may require daily presence.


  • An internship at the HCA can consist of dedicated work on a single project or the opportunity to work in multiple departments (max.: 3). Both variants are aimed at training the intern in different skills: Working with different departments enables the intern to learn more about the institute as a whole, while working on a specific project tends to allow the intern a more profound look at a certain topic.
  • Our short-term-internships usually deal with the organization of a special event, e.g. a conference.
  • All internships include general help with the institute’s day-to-day routine.


  • Interns will not be paid but will receive a letter of reference at the end of their internship.

Applications and Contact Information

  • Questions and applications, including a CV a short letter of interest, can be sent via email to the

Internship Program Coordination
Tel.: +49-6221-54 3713

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