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At the HCA, the America-related research of six university faculties and ten disciplines converges, offering a range of expertise that is unique in the academic world. The interaction between the various disciplines makes it possible to teach American Studies with a cross-disciplinary perspective and therefore do justice to the complexity of the object of research – the United States.

The following disciplines participate in the HCA:

The Board of Directors of the Heidelberg Center of American Studies consists of members from the six faculties that contribute to the HCA. These are the Faculties of Chemistry and Earth Sciences; Economics and Social Sciences; Law; Modern Languages; Philosophy; and Theology. Each faculty director on the board is elected for six years.

The Board of Directors consists of the following members:


Prof. Dr. Manfred Berg
Deputy Director
(Faculty of Philosophy)

Gerhard _ulrike

Prof. Dr.
Ulrike Gerhard

Deputy Director
(Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences)


Prof. Dr.
Bernd Grzeszick

(Faculty of Law)

Harnisch _sebastian

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Harnisch
(Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences)


Prof. Dr.
Günter Leypoldt

(Faculty of Modern Languages)

Stievermann _jan 125x157px

Prof. Dr. Jan Stievermann
(Faculty of Theology)

In November 2005, the HCA established a board of trustees. Currently, it consists of eight members, all of them supporters of the HCA and of the endeavor to sustain a leading center for American Studies and transatlantic exchange at Heidelberg University. Along with HCA Founding Director Professor Detlef Junker, who chairs the board, they are: Dr. Martin Bussmann (Mannheim LLC), Carsten Brzeski (ING Bank), Ray Carrell, Heidemarie Engelhorn, Joachim Häger (ODDO BHF AG), Dr. h.c. Manfred Lautenschläger (MLP), and the rector of Heidelberg University, Professor Bernhard Eitel. We would like to thank past members of the board of trustees for their service: Dr. Kurt Bock (BASF), Curt Engelhorn †, Rolf Kentner (BW-Bank) †, Dr. Bernd A. von Maltzan (Deutsche Bank), and Dr. Hans-Peter Wild (WILD GmbH). The board of trustees meets at least once a year to discuss the institute's progress and to advise its future developments.


Carsten Brzeski
Chefvolkswirt für Deutschland und Österreich der ING


Dr. Martin Bussmann
Mannheim LLC, New York City


Ray Carrell


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil
Bernhard Eitel

Rector, Heidelberg University

Engelhorn _heidemarie

Heidemarie Engelhorn
Honorary Senator of Heidelberg University


Joachim Häger
Member of the Management Board, ODDO BHF AG and ODDO BHF SCA

Junker _detlef

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.
Detlef Junker

HCA Founding Director


Dr. h.c. Manfred Lautenschläger
Chairman, MLP AG, Heidelberg


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